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Franklin Schneider, author of Canned: How I Lost Ten Jobs In Ten Years And Learned To Love Unemployment, is so good at not working he’s made a career of it. Here he writes about living on $8500 per year, and feeling like a king.

The already very weak case for a national hurricane catastrophe fund—a government takeover of the reinsurance business—gets weaker by the day. Three major data points  worth looking at. First, the two major sponsors of government-run reinsurance: Rep. Ron Klein (D-FL) and Rep. Gene Taylor (D-MS)  both lost their elections. Klein’s replacement, Alan West, has come [...]

FIRE Podcast – Matthew Mitchell on Unemployment and Taxes

by Arin Greenwood on December 20, 2010

This week’s FIRE podcast features economist Matthew Mitchell, a research fellow at the Mercatus Center, talking with host Arin Greenwood about the relationship between unemployment and taxes, and why the tax cut extensions may not result in major changes in unemployment levels. Listen to the podcast here, or download it in iTunes.