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Letters From DC

Nearly everyone agrees on flood insurance reform. So why is it taking so long to pass a bill?

Around Puget Sound, experts agree that subsidized federal flood insurance gives developers an incentive to destroy floodplains and damage key wildlife habitat.

Also, a recap of our comments on ways states can prepare for natural disasters, and the problem with Florida’s part-time, term-limited Legislature.

The late Thomas Kinkade’s paintings may not ever appreciate in value. But then again, neither do most items bought on the basis of taste.

Letter from Washington: NFIP expansion and catastrophe savings accounts

by Eli Lehrer on April 3, 2012 · View Comments

Heartland’s friends at the National Wildlife Federation are filing a lawsuit to prevent expansion of the National Flood Insurance Program to cover environmentally sensitive wetlands near Washington State’s Puget Sound.

Rep. Norton’s bill points one possible way forward for a truly private market in terrorism risk insurance.

While the Florida reinsurance market shows signs of hardening, a new national auto insurance survey shows just how complicated rates can be.

Florida’s insurance system will be in better shape than it was last year, but the legislation passed during the just-completed 2012 session won’t fix deep underlying problems.

AIG has sold off a few more assets and posted big profits in 2011. But the U.S. Treasury continues to play politics in choosing the “right” moment to finally end the bailout.

Seven years after Hurricane Katrina, lack of affordable property insurance remains a barrier to building some parts of the Mississippi coast.