8/19/2010 Headlines – Things Are Not Really Looking Up, Are They

by Arin Greenwood on August 19, 2010

CBO sees difficult times ahead

Pakistan receives more flood aid, but need grows

If there’s any upside to massive unemployment, it’s that workplace deaths fall to lowest levels since ’92

We’re shocked, shocked that New Jersey of all states would be the first state to be sued by the SEC

Working women who thought they might live to see Britain’s pay gap finally close will have to hold out another 57 years, according to research published today.

If there’s any upside to gender pay disparities it’s that perhaps they’ll lead to less threatened, and thus less unfaithful, husbands?

Dog bite claims cost the insurance industry $412 million in 2009, an increase of 6.4 percent from 2008.

Insurer American International Group Inc., majority-owned by the U.S. government, may sell bonds for the first time since it was rescued almost two years ago to help repay a $182.3 billion bailout.

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