Dear OOTS News, Won’t You Have Another Writing Contest? Write A Motivational Letter, Win $50

by Arin Greenwood on August 24, 2010

Wells Fargo was making mortgage-seekers write motivational letters, explaining why they wanted and were deserving of mortgages. Turns out these letters were not only strange and offensive, they also violate the Fair Housing Act.

Which doesn’t apply to us!

OOTS News is having a writing contest. Write us a motivational letter pertaining to any financial decision, such as:
- Why you want to spend $300 on dinner;
- Why you want to drive to work and pay for parking rather than take public transportation which is nearly free;
- Why you want to borrow $150,000 to go to law school;
- Why you are leaving your well-paying job to travel for a year;
- Why you are giving up traveling full time to take a job;
- Why you are becoming an alpaca farmer;
- Why you need a $50 iTunes gift certificate;
- Why you need a prenup;
- Why you are taking $2 from the ATM;
- Why, if you are in the Gulf, you are taking gold bars from the ATM;
and so on.

Post your entries in the comments, or email them to OOTS News at . Entries are due on Friday, August 27, at midnight. The best motivational letter will be published next week in OOTS News; its author will win a $50 iTunes gift certificate. How much motivation do you need?

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