One World Trade, By Filmmakers Dan Shor And Eric Norcross

by Dan Shor on September 10, 2010

Filmmakers Dan Shor and Eric Norcross – who previously explored blight and bad pants in Manhattanville – now go downtown to Ground Zero, looking for Muslim haters and jingoism but finding a thriving economy and, to their surprise, some abatement of their own cynicism.

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  • Carly

    OMG it’s about time a video on the world trade center be made that is actually uplifting and happy and here it is! I’m choked up, my goodness. The flying scenes are beautiful. I also love the scene of the two footprints at 43/44 seconds. The scene at 51 seconds is absolutely epic. Great job guys! We have moved on at last.

  • Scott

    There must be more construction resources in that site than in all of Iraq and Afghanistan combined. Flag etiquette seems to have been broken all over the construction site. If you look closely at the scaffolding shot, the flag under the red crane is in an inappropriate position. It should be on the side or flying top of it. But here’s an interesting story idea, how many American flags can a person count in the vicinity of the world trade center? There seems to be emphasis on the 343 city’s bravest, this number refers to the firemen. How come no one talks about the police? My dad was a state trooper in New Jersey for years.

  • Eric Norcross

    Scott, Scott Scott Scott Scott,

    I’m not sure if there is anything in “the books” on flag etiquette on construction cranes. But I do believe it’s union bi-law that as long as you wear your hardhat when you’re supposed to, you can pretty much get away with whatever you want. You’re also allowed to spray paint the beams and columns with your local union info for the world to see.

    The reason I included a shot of the 343 City’s Bravest memorial (which is a relatively unofficial, small memorial on the side of a building) is because it was what we came across while filming. I would have loved to include a reference to the 23 NYPD who had their lives taken away, but there was no real mechanism for us to do it. I would have loved to include a reference to the 84 Port Authority workers who perished, 37 of which were PA Police. But again, the only reference to any of this was the fireman’s memorial we found.

    As far as “WTC construction resources” go, you might be interested in this:

  • Eric Norcross

    Thanks Carly, I appreciate your comments very much.


  • Dan

    Well done in editing. As a Canadian it was even interesting north of your border.

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