Arrrrr, I’m A File Sharer And I Have Insurance, Arrrrr

by Arin Greenwood on September 20, 2010

Yesterday was talk like a pirate day – arrr, though, actually, shouldn’t that be in a Somali language? – and so here is our talk like an insured pirate post:

Sure, you know about the pirate insurance that covers altercations on the high sea (and, according to a 2010 White House memo, may give rise to some sticky legal issues). And good  news – increased interest in the pirate insurance market has led to increased availability and lower prices.

Another kind of pirate insurance is also available. For $19 per year, a Swedish company called Tankafritt will pay the penalties assessed on someone for illegal firesharing (the coverage also comes with a t-shirt that reads: “I was convicted for filesharing and all I got was this lousy T-shirt“). Unfortunately, internet pirate insurance is, to the best of our knowledge, only available in Sweden.

In other Swedish pirate news, Sweden’s Pirate Party – a political party dedicated to copyright reform – did not fare well in Sweden’s recent general election.

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