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Efforts to combat auto insurance fraud in Florida took a positive step forward with the personal injury protection reform bill which recently passed through the state legislature and is now awaiting Gov. Rick Scott’s signature. Auto fraud has been a nagging problem for Florida consumers and insurance companies, as staged accident and unscrupulous doctors and [...]

Fitch Ratings argues proposals to crack down on PIP fraud in states like Florida, Michigan and New York could have a positive effect on costs for auto insurers and possibly bring down rates for policyholders.

Auto insurance fraud is a crime that costs consumers and insurance companies millions of dollars a year in increased costs while directly contributing to higher insurance rates for consumers. In states with no-fault systems, where a person who is injured in an automobile accident recovers damages up to a specific amount from his own insurance [...]

Recent efforts to combat the growing problem of auto insurance fraud in the Florida legislature have centered on reforming how insurance companies in the state handles personal injury protection (PIP) auto insurance claims. The state’s current regulations, which require a driver’s insurance company pay up to $10,000 to cover much of medical bills and lost [...]

Heartland Vice President Eli Lehrer testified before North Carolina’s Joint Study Committee on Auto Insurance Modernization, offering several suggestions on how the state’s insurance system may be reformed.

Reforming the state’s insurance regulations on personal injury protection coverage has been a long and often politically charged process for New Jersey insurance regulators. Their most recent proposal, updated from the original reform proposal presented by the Department of Banking and Insurance last August, contained amendments amounting to 25 percent of the previous version. Many [...]

Personal injury protection coverage has become a growing burden for many states, with rising medical costs leading to higher auto insurance rates and in some instances, fraud. While PIP coverage is not bad in and of itself, reforms to control costs are necessary to keep PIP costs from spiraling out of control. Recent proposals from [...]

Should Sunshine State lawmakers get around to them, bills dealing with auto insurance PIP reform, Miami gambling and dwarf-tossing all are expected to be put forward.

Auto insurance will be one of the key issues that Michigan legislators will face in the upcoming legislative session. Michigan’s unique auto insurance system provides limitless coverage for injuries that occur during auto accidents, but also has created a system plagued by high rates and fraud. In a new article published in the Detroit News, [...]

Evidence suggests staged accidents and other forms of fraud are factors driving the explosion of costs in Florida’s personal injury protection auto insurance market.