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Letters from Ohio

With Flood Awareness Week upon us, consumers would be well-served to watch out for fraudsters passing off flood-damaged cars.

The Chardon murders provoke an understandable impulse to want to do something to avoid future tragedies. But it is best to look at approaches that produce results, for both citizens and taxpayers.

The failure earlier this month of a bill to enact single-payer health care in California puts the success of efforts to block the Health Care for All Ohioans Act in relief.

Ohio lawmakers should think twice before banning the use of credit information in insurance rate-setting and underwriting.

2012 will be another in a series of consecutive years to fix our national healthcare system, and the states still have a starring role.

Letter from Ohio: Credit and energy, the economy’s twin tracks

by Alan Smith on December 7, 2011

Debates over renewable portfolio standards, like those in Ohio, could go a long way toward setting the country’s future economic course.

Ohio voters are the latest to go to the polls in a ballot that would declare some aspects of PPACA unconstitutional in the state.