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Budget Cuts

One of the most common targets of many budget hawks to be cut from the federal bureaucracy is the Department of Energy. But is folding the Department of Energy practical? In a new article written by Eli Lehrer and published in the Frum Forum, he argues while many of the functions of the Department can [...]

As federal and state legislators across the country propose their new budgets, debate has raged over what cuts or tax increases need to be made to cover the budget deficits plaguing most legislatures. From Washington to Wisconsin, elected officials are struggling to find ways to cover budget gaps, with agreement difficult to find across both [...]

Here are the GOP’s Budget Cuts — to Cut

by Matthew Glans on January 25, 2011

Bringing balance back to the federal government and cutting spending has been one of the early goals of the new Congress. While most legislators in Washington will agree that spending cuts are necessary, there is little agreement on where these cuts should be and how significant the cutbacks will need to be. In a new piece on [...]