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Christian Cámara

The Trayvon Martin case has gripped the nation and has put both the shooter and the law that is seemingly protecting him from prosecution on trial in the court of public opinion.

It wasn’t a perfect session, but ultimately, advocates of insurance reform in Florida saw lawmakers pass two of the four major insurance bills before the Legislature.

Florida Cat Fund reform needed sooner, not later

by Matthew Glans on February 28, 2012

Christian Cámara, the Florida Director of the Center on Finance, Insurance and Real Estate at The Heartland Institute had an excellent op-ed piece on the Florida Catastrophe Fund published last week in the Gainesville Sun. In the piece, Cámara criticizes legislators and insurance regulators in Florida for not moving forward on Cat fund reform and [...]

Florida’s hurricane catastrophe fund may finally be moving in a more fiscally sound direction. In a news release released late Friday, Heartland Institute  staffers praised the new proposals from Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund Chief Operating Officer Dr. Jack Nicholson that would put the giant taxpayer-backed reinsurer on sounder financial footing. In these proposals, which were [...]

Last week was an exciting one in Florida, with both parties having picked their respective nominees. Former House Speaker Marco Rubio sailed to victory capturing over 90 percent of his party’s vote for United States Senate. On the Democratic side, longtime Miami Congressman Kendrick Meek was able to defeat his billionaire opponent, politcal neophyte Jeff [...]

Letter from Florida – Didja Know There’s An Election Next Week?

by Christian R. Camara on August 19, 2010

No doubt that Florida is focused on the primary election next week. The big news is that Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink, who is also the Democratic Party’s nominee for Governor, has announced that her running mate will be longtime insider and former State Senator Rod Smith. In related news, this week has been called [...]

Letter From Florida – What A Difference A Few Months Makes

by Christian R. Camara on August 6, 2010

What a difference a few months makes. Earlier this year, Florida political spectators felt that the race to watch was the Republican primary election for US Senate between former Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio and Governor Charlie Crist.  State Attorney General Bill McCollum was the shoe-in for the Republican nomination for governor, and Congressman Kendrick [...]