Madoff Auction – What To Buy?

by Arin Greenwood on May 27, 2011

photo by ctb-lyon/Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license

On this gloriously hot Friday afternoon OOTS is admiring the things for sale in the upcoming two-day live/online simulcast auction of Madoff jewelry/watches/coins/currency.

OOTS is not sure what to buy! We are definitely not in want of the Madoffs’ used exercise equipment (including a used Stairmaster) listed at $1200-1400. But what do we want? The jewelry isn’t too appealing without photos – though we are curious what the Madoffs were doing with so many cross pendants. But some items are perhaps more intriguing without pictures, however. The catalog lists, for example, a “photograph, titled ‘Nude’” that “depicts female buttocks,” (listed at $1900-2500) and “two colored lithographs of Monkeys” ($420-480).The Meji period tansu – clothing cabinet, per the catalog – sounds interesting, and is not too pricey ($500-600). The Madoff’s book collection is also on the block ($1100-1300). It includes John Updike’s “Rabbit at Rest,” some books about Rolex watches, Gloria Steinem’s “Revolution from Within,” and almost too perfectly, Tom Wolfe’s “The Bonfire of the Vanities.”

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