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On Yards And Turf Wars

by Franklin Schneider on August 19, 2011

Franklin Schneider is fine if you want to don the yoke of home ownership, spend your leisure time cleaning gutters and staining your deck – but for God’s sake, leave him out of it.

Ezra Fox learned some important life lessons from Glengarry Glen Ross.

Eli Lehrer means no offense to Barry Manilow or his fans in this week’s Letter From Washington.

A good game can make you feel something. Your pulse rises as you walk into a dark alley with only 4 bullets left in your clip, knowing that a zombie will pop out at you at any second. When it suddenly latches onto your neck and feasts on your delicious polygonal flesh, you scream like a small child. (Not me, though. Definitely not me.)

So if nothing else, I have to give Spent kudos for making me feel something. Even if that something was “utterly depressed.”

In these uncertain times of recessions, depressions, and Mayan Armageddons, it’s of the utmost importance that children know how to save money. That’s why Visa created “Money Metropolis,” a game whose tag line “Saving for a goal is a world of fun” brings to mind a very dull world indeed.

Guest columnist Ann C. Logue on misguided tax incentives, businesses you’ve never heard of that are crucial to holiday enjoyment, and one good argument for legalizing fireworks in Illinois.

Double Indemnity might be the one movie about insurance that everyone can name. OOTS contributor Ezra Fox finds that it’s also more realistic than you might imagine.

Given the exorbitant cost of a college education these days, it might surprise loan-borrowing students and their tuition-paying parents to know that some professors have had to resort to food stamps to feed their families because their salaries are so low.

What may be even more surprising is that such professors are members of what has been called “the new faculty majority” because, according to the American Association of University Professors, they comprise “more than 75 percent of the total instructional staff.”

The United States government may believe Bank of America is too big to fail, but a Naples, Florida attorney has proven it’s not too big to go into foreclosure.

On this gloriously hot Friday afternoon OOTS is admiring the things for sale in the upcoming two-day live/online simulcast auction of Madoff jewelry/watches/coins/currency. OOTS is not sure what to buy! We are definitely not in want of the Madoffs’ used exercise equipment (including a used Stairmaster) listed at $1200-1400. But what do we want? The [...]

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