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Crop insurance

Five nationally known groups that favor spending restraint have announced their purchase of a farm in downstate Illinois, to enjoy cultivating a different kind of pork.

Drought, frost and Mississippi floods all played a big role, but so did high commodity prices and the growing popularity of so-called “revenue insurance” coverage.

Government spending has dominated both the media and debate on Capitol Hill in recent weeks, with both parties becoming increasingly polarized and deadlocked, creating little progress in bringing the federal budget back in line. While much of the debate has revolved around the traditional topics of tax increases and discretionary spending, one area that has [...]

C-FIRE Deputy Director R.J. Lehmann offers updates on key insurance issues on Capitol Hill, including flood insurance, the Super Committee package and efforts to roll back federal oversight of insurance under the Dodd-Frank Act.

Letter from Washington: Why we’re no longer supporting optional federal charter

by Eli Lehrer on November 15, 2011

The financial markets need time to fully digest the impact of the Dodd-Frank Act before a new federal regulator for insurance should even be contemplated.

While Big Ag looks to hijack the Super Committee process, a new report proposes $80 billion could be saved by scrapping the crop program’s “revenue insurance” model.

Center on Finance, Insurance and Real Estate Director Eli Lehrer on the benefits of slashing crop insurance subsidies.

Matthew Glans discusses the federal crop insurance program and other crop subsidies.

Is government crop insurance a necessary part of the farming industry or an unnecessary drain on the federal budget?

In his letter from Washington, Eli Lehrer discusses reforms to flood insurance programs, crop insurance and the new Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial being built in Washington DC.