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House Subcommittee Chairwoman Judy Biggert wants to know if the two-months-late Federal Insurance Office report is evidence that FIO Director Michael McRaith is understaffed.

Deputy Secretary Neil Wolin insists that the Federal Insurance Office will not be a regulator. But as to what it should be, instead, opinion remains very much divided.

Eyes will be on FIO Director Michael McRaith, who is set to appear before the House’s insurance subcommittee Oct. 25, to offer hints as to the White House’s strategy on insurance regulatory reform.

Bank of America may be the first major bank to raise its fees on debit card usage, but it will not be the last. The consequences of the federal government’s crusade against “unfair” credit card interchange fees have only started to emerge. Thousands of card users are now being charged higher interest rates and now [...]

In recent months consumers have begun to see the effects of Dodd-Frank on their ability to find and use credit in their everyday lives. Credit companies, who have invested billions in building credit networks that both retailers and consumers both benefit from using, have seen their ability to charge fees for using these networks slashed [...]

The Dodd-Frank financial reform Act is a bill with the best intentions filled with harmful unintended consequences. The bill was simply not thought through well enough and the effects on market have been less then stellar.  While many parts both of Dodd-Frank and the CARD Act address real problems in the financial system many of the new [...]