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One of the most common targets of many budget hawks to be cut from the federal bureaucracy is the Department of Energy. But is folding the Department of Energy practical? In a new article written by Eli Lehrer and published in the Frum Forum, he argues while many of the functions of the Department can [...]

Heartland Institute Vice President Eli Lehrer discusses two pieces of recently introduced federal legislation relevant to catastrophe insurance and the goals of the growing Occupy movement.

What is the real value of gold? With gold rates rising and falling rapidly over the last few years, questions over its role as a long term investment have become more common. Gold has been a popular monetary standard dating as far back as the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome. Why has gold traditionally [...]

The debt ceiling debate and the issue of government spending has dominated the attention of the federal government for the last month. Both parties in Congress and President Obama have been unable to reach an agreement on how to approach the debt ceiling issue with a looming deadline and government default on the horizon. In [...]

As the debate over spending cuts and tax hikes rage in Congress, little ground has been given on both sides of the aisle and both parties have become increasingly polarized on the federal debt issue. In a new article from the Frum Forum, Eli Lehrer tackles this issue and makes several policy suggestions on how Republican [...]

Capitol Hill has been abuzz in recent days about the debt limit that was reached late last week. Debate over how to approach the growing federal spending and debt problems has become increasingly polarized, with both parties taking hard stances on both spending cuts and tax increases. In a new article published Sunday in the [...]

Years of mismanagement and poor decisions have taken their toll on the beleaguered government-sponsored enterprises Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Since the takeover of Freddie and Fannie by the federal government, taxpayers have spent more than $150 billion keeping the institutions afloat. According to the Congressional budget office, $400 billion in tax dollars eventually will [...]

With politicians in Washington maneuvering to complete a new federal budget, many outside the Beltway are left wondering if the budget stalemate, which has made the possibility of a government shutdown increasingly likely, is avoidable. Both Democrats and Republicans claim to want to avoid a shutdown, but neither side is willing to take steps to reach a compromise deal. In [...]

GOP Budget Cuts Won’t Kill This Recovery

by Matthew Glans on March 7, 2011

One of the biggest criticisms of the federal budget cuts from the Democrats in Congress is that the cuts proposed will kill the current “economic recovery.” With unemployment at its lowest rate in 18 months, Republicans may need to adjust their budget efforts to address the new economic reality. In a new piece published this [...]

As federal and state legislators across the country propose their new budgets, debate has raged over what cuts or tax increases need to be made to cover the budget deficits plaguing most legislatures. From Washington to Wisconsin, elected officials are struggling to find ways to cover budget gaps, with agreement difficult to find across both [...]

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