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The late Thomas Kinkade’s paintings may not ever appreciate in value. But then again, neither do most items bought on the basis of taste.

Rep. Norton’s bill points one possible way forward for a truly private market in terrorism risk insurance.

The repeal language is included as an amendment to a bill that would abolish the the Independent Payment Advisory Board created by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

The failure earlier this month of a bill to enact single-payer health care in California puts the success of efforts to block the Health Care for All Ohioans Act in relief.

With Congress facing record-low approval ratings and voters complaining about partisan rancor, bringing a floor vote on reforms to the National Flood Insurance Program should offer a rare opportunity for the parties to work together.

2012 will be another in a series of consecutive years to fix our national healthcare system, and the states still have a starring role.

Expect Congress to pass flood insurance reform and make progress on crop insurance. Legislation looking to create optional federal charter, a national catastrophe fund backstop or to roll back Dodd-Frank or Sarbanes-Oxley all face significantly longer odds.

Around the Columbia statehouse, some speculate a possible federal probe into the state’s health exchange grant could be the reason.

Ohio voters are the latest to go to the polls in a ballot that would declare some aspects of PPACA unconstitutional in the state.