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Alan Smith

Ohio lawmakers should think twice before banning the use of credit information in insurance rate-setting and underwriting.

2012 will be another in a series of consecutive years to fix our national healthcare system, and the states still have a starring role.

Letter from Ohio: Credit and energy, the economy’s twin tracks

by Alan Smith on December 7, 2011

Debates over renewable portfolio standards, like those in Ohio, could go a long way toward setting the country’s future economic course.

Ohio voters are the latest to go to the polls in a ballot that would declare some aspects of PPACA unconstitutional in the state.

In his Letter from Columbus, Alan Smith discusses the referendum over Ohio’s public employee collective bargaining laws.

Letter From Columbus: One Encouraging Sign

by Alan Smith on July 28, 2011

Ohio director Alan B. Smith thinks the opposition is too busy brooding to acknowledge the good things happening in Ohio’s economy, like the upgrade from “negative” to “stable” by Standard & Poor’s.

Massachusetts Moving Closer To A “Right To Repair” Law That Protects Consumers And Protects Intellectual Property

by Alan Smith on July 22, 2010

Regarding the Washington Post’s July 18 article on the Massachusetts Right-to-Repair legislation, the legislation passed on July 6 by the Massachusetts Senate is a huge improvement over previous versions and seems to usefully resolve the tricky issue of protecting consumer choice while also protecting legitimate intellectual property interests. We always start our inquiry about a [...]