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C-FIRE Deputy Director R.J. Lehmann provides updates on the Federal Insurance Office’s delayed report, claims taxpayers could “profit” on the AIG bailout and Mitt Romney’s support of the “beach house bailout.”

House Subcommittee Chairwoman Judy Biggert wants to know if the two-months-late Federal Insurance Office report is evidence that FIO Director Michael McRaith is understaffed.

Could the Obama administration be preparing to drop a bombshell like federal insurance regulation on the industry?

Robert Wagner is Illinois’ third acting insurance director since the departure of Michael McRaith last June, thanks to a state law limiting acting directors to terms of no more than 60 days.

Letter from Washington: Feeling out FIO, government insurers and a farewell to Hitchens

by Eli Lehrer on December 20, 2011

Federal Insurance Office Director Michael McRaith is the right man for the job of standing up this new agency. Congress shouldn’t strip his powers before he even has a shot to try.

The NAIC says it will make $19 million next year selling insurance data filed by companies with state regulators. The Federal Insurance Office should bring this crony regulatory monopoly to an end by making all statutory filings publicly available.

Eyes will be on FIO Director Michael McRaith, who is set to appear before the House’s insurance subcommittee Oct. 25, to offer hints as to the White House’s strategy on insurance regulatory reform.