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Alabama considers ‘Homeowners Bill of Rights’

by R.J. Lehmann on April 16, 2012

Alabama lawmakers are weighing a bill that would require the state’s homeowners insurers provide consumers with clear disclosures about what their policies do and do not cover.

C-FIRE Deputy Director R.J. Lehmann talks with Dan Siemann of the National Wildlife Federation about NWF’s suit seeking to halt new flood insurance policies in certain areas of the Puget Sound.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has informed Florida that H.B. 503, passed unanimously earlier this year, could result in the state becoming disqualified from the National Flood Insurance Program.

We offer eight suggestions for state lawmakers who are looking for ideas on how they should (and shouldn’t) respond to insurance challenges posed by large natural disasters.

In an exclusive interview, Lousiana Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon breaks the news that the state’s wind pool will have to give up its fight against a $100 million policyholder judgment.

Florida’s Citizens Property Insurance Corp. is reportedly preparing a $250 million issuance through an entity called Everglades Re Ltd.

FSOC finalizes ‘too big to fail’ rules

by R.J. Lehmann on April 3, 2012

The Financial Stability Oversight Council voted April 3 to approve final standards for determining which non-bank financial companies will be subject to heightened scrutiny as systemically important financial institutions, or “SIFIs.”

Though $3 billion smaller than its December estimate, CBO’s projection for AIG still accounted for the overwhelming majority of the $32 billion it currently projects as the final cost of TARP.

C-FIRE Deputy Director R.J. Lehmann provides updates on the Federal Insurance Office’s delayed report, claims taxpayers could “profit” on the AIG bailout and Mitt Romney’s support of the “beach house bailout.”

The Affordable Homeowners Insurance Commission, appointed last year by Gov. Robert Bentley, has endorsed three proposals currently before the Alabama Legislature.

In its first public action since it was created,

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