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Alabama considers ‘Homeowners Bill of Rights’

by R.J. Lehmann on April 16, 2012

Alabama lawmakers are weighing a bill that would require the state’s homeowners insurers provide consumers with clear disclosures about what their policies do and do not cover.

C-FIRE Deputy Director R.J. Lehmann provides updates on the Federal Insurance Office’s delayed report, claims taxpayers could “profit” on the AIG bailout and Mitt Romney’s support of the “beach house bailout.”

C-FIRE Deputy Director R.J. Lehmann talks with equity analyst Randy Binner about MetLife’s failing grade in the Federal Reserve Board’s recent stress tests, and why the Fed apparently doesn’t understand insurance.

House Subcommittee Chairwoman Judy Biggert wants to know if the two-months-late Federal Insurance Office report is evidence that FIO Director Michael McRaith is understaffed.

The repeal language is included as an amendment to a bill that would abolish the the Independent Payment Advisory Board created by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

While the Florida reinsurance market shows signs of hardening, a new national auto insurance survey shows just how complicated rates can be.

Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John Doak has asked his state’s attorney general to investigate the constitutionality of the Dodd-Frank Act’s creation of a Federal Insurance Office.

In a letter to the group’s leadership, Rep. Ed Royce asks the NAIC declare once and for all whether it is a public regulator or a private trade association.

Robert Wagner is Illinois’ third acting insurance director since the departure of Michael McRaith last June, thanks to a state law limiting acting directors to terms of no more than 60 days.

Around the Columbia statehouse, some speculate a possible federal probe into the state’s health exchange grant could be the reason.

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