Headlines 8/5/2010 – Less Discrimination, More Discrimination Lawsuits

by Arin Greenwood on August 5, 2010

Prop 8 Ruled Unconstitutional

More Men Filing Sex Discrimination Suits

Surprise rise in jobless claims casts pall on economy

Google and Verizon ‘near deal to end net neutrality’

Thousands line up to join BP lawsuit

Naomi Campbell, the model, admitted that she was given “dirty rocks” by the former Liberian ruler Charles Taylor as she gives evidence at his war crimes trial.

Not all great inventions come from the high-budget R&D department. Home inventors are still finding a market for their home-cooked wares.

Colorado State Forecasters Expect 10 Atlantic Hurricanes

For Fannie Stock, Even Betting Pennies Is A Risk

Oil Rig’s Owner Had Safety Issue At Three Other Wells

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