Letter From Austin: Woof

by Julie Drenner on February 24, 2011

Texas is poised to join several other states in requiring certain pet owners to carry liability insurance.  HB 998 would mandate owners of male dogs over 20 pounds that have not been neutered to maintain liability insurance in the amount of $100,000.

But my question is: if this legislation is necessary to breed responsible owners, how would the state ever enforce it? They can’t enforce mandated vehicle insurance. And why not female dogs?  They can certainly be more aggressive than males when defending their young, no? And are 21 pound yorkies actually more dangerous than the 5 pound ones?

I guess my real question is: where did these criteria come from?

If you do have concerns about your pet, do be sure to check and see if your homeowners’ policy or umbrella policy covers bodily injury and property damage inflicted by your furry friend.  You would hate to be caught in a legal battle over a dog bite.  Woof!

Until next week,

Julie Drenner, Texas Director

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