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John Taylor thinks more people should consider owning exotic animals as pets. Taylor owns a menagerie of snakes, geckos, pythons, tarantulas and alligators and writes and blogs about living with reptiles at and for Herpeteculture House, a digital magazine about reptiles. Below, he talks with Kristi Eaton of Out of the Storm News about owning these offbeat creatures without breaking the bank.

Letter From Austin: Woof

by Julie Drenner on February 24, 2011

Texas is poised to join several other states in requiring certain pet owners to carry liability insurance.  HB 998 would mandate owners of male dogs over 20 pounds that have not been neutered to maintain liability insurance in the amount of $100,000. But my question is: if this legislation is necessary to breed responsible owners, [...]

Are your pets hazardous to your health? According to a new study from The Division of Unintentional Injury Prevention at the US National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, owning a pet may be considered a dangerous activity. The Center found that owning pets dramatically increased the chance of accidental injury, with falls being the [...]