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Texas’ experience with the “margin tax” on state businesses has been a disaster.

State Sen. John Carona, chair of Texas’ Senate Business and Commerce Committee, is running out of patience for high property insurance rates and warning more regulation could be coming soon.

Letter from Austin: TWIA considers alternatives to reinsurance

by Julie Drenner on December 21, 2011

Meanwhile, a joint legislative committee has been formed to study alternative methods to provide coverage to coastal residents.

Despite recent increases, the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association’s rates still don’t pass actuarial muster.

The Texas Windstorm Insurance Association is laying out its plan to cut costs with a more efficient and transparent system for legal expenses.

In her Letter From Austin, Julie Drenner proposes a new fantasy sports game, Fantasy Politics, and discusses several new insurance laws taking effect in Texas.

In her Letter from Austin, Julie Drenner discusses public pensions, emergency response to wildfires and conservative thought on college campuses.

In her Letter from Austin, Texas director Julie Drenner discusses TWIA’s many deficiencies to private insurance and the problems Texas has had in using the stimulus monies designated for Hurricane Ike victims.

No surprise here.  State run businesses backed by state subsidies cost taxpayers dearly. Due to decreases in travel and the lagging economy, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is subsidizing almost 70 percent more of its toll roads than originally expected.  The roads bring in $100 million less than their operating expenses. Thus, the state [...]

Letter From Austin: TWIA Shortfalls, Redistricting, And A New Insurance Commissioner (Maybe)

by Julie Drenner on July 14, 2011

Texas Director Julie Drenner on insurance rate increases, TWIA shortfalls, and the downside to Ron Paul’s eggs being all in one basket.

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