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The recent surge in credit union membership could be fleeting if the industry doesn’t keep up with technological trends and find ways to lure younger members, NCUA Chair Debbie Matz said.

Among the 19 largest bank holding companies, MetLife holds three important distinctions: It’s the only insurance company, the only non-TARP recipient and the only one to fail the Fed’s stress tests.

As more bricks-and-mortar retail institutions bite the dust, it’s only a matter of time before financial services undergoes the same transformation to web-based commerce.

Credit unions reported they added 40,000 new members on Nov. 5, capping a month in which new membership exceeded the industry’s total new enrollment in all of 2010.

In the FIRE Podcast, Tim Carney of the Washington Examiner explains why Occupy Wall Street and the tea party should unite against the big banks.

There are lots of good reasons to join a credit union, from low fees to good customer service. Rewarding their lobbying prowess probably shouldn’t be one of them.

Try as I Might, I Couldn’t Keep Government Out of My Mortgage!

by Rick Manning on September 7, 2011

Rick Manning of Americans for Limited Government discusses his experiences with mortgage refinancing.

Federal Reserve Policy Slows Spending

by Robert Genetski on September 15, 2010

Since 2007 the Federal Reserve has nearly tripled the size of its portfolio of securities.  Fed officials say their action has produced a highly accommodative policy.  However, recent signs point to a dramatic slowdown in spending.  This has raised concerns over future monetary options.  If monetary policy is already highly accommodative, what further action can [...]