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Don Brown

In the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, thousands of homeowners along the Atlantic coast are wondering what effects the hurricane and others this season will have on their insurance rates. In Florida, who avoided serious damage from the most recent storm, laws are in place which disallows the state from using losses elsewhere as an excuse [...]

Florida’s hurricane catastrophe fund may finally be moving in a more fiscally sound direction. In a news release released late Friday, Heartland Institute  staffers praised the new proposals from Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund Chief Operating Officer Dr. Jack Nicholson that would put the giant taxpayer-backed reinsurer on sounder financial footing. In these proposals, which were [...]

Sinkhole claims have become a serious problem in Florida, with thousands being filed for a problem that may not be as serious as the media is reporting. In a new article recently published in the South Florida Sun Sentinel, Don Brown, a senior fellow with The Heartland Institute, discusses the growing number of sinkhole claims [...]