Letter From DC: CPAC and Debt

by Eli Lehrer on August 2, 2011

The Conservative Political Action Conference has announced that it isn’t going to invite the conspiracy theorist at the John Birch Society or the gay conservatives of GOProud to take part in the event next year. Although I won’t miss the JBS people (although they’re no creepier than some other fringe groups that take part), I think that kicking out GOProud is a real loss for CPAC.  Yes, I understand that CPAC’s leadership was in a difficult situation. Yes, unless our CEO or trustees tell me otherwise, Heartland is going to be a primary co-sponsor of the upcoming regional CPAC in Florida and continue to take part in CPAC’s national events. Yes, if Heritage and the Family Research Council come back to CPAC because GOProud isn’t there, it will be a net win for the event. But excluding committed conservatives who have a minority sexual orientation is still quite unfortunate.


It will probably never happen (although I also said that about default) but whatever happens with the debt situation, I love this idea.

A better idea: can I have one of the coins?

Until next week,

Eli Lehrer, vice president of Washington operations

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Eckland/1394090400 Jim Eckland

    Homosexual Groups do not fit the definition of Conservative !! However, JBS is CONSERVATIVE and should remain !!

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