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The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Jimmy Patronis, argues that FEMA’s concerns have already been satisfied. Others are not so sure.

The Affordable Homeowners Insurance Commission, appointed last year by Gov. Robert Bentley, has endorsed three proposals currently before the Alabama Legislature.

In its first public action since it was created,

Property owners in South Florida are preparing for a new series of building codes designed to better prepare new and reconstructed homes from wind and water damage after major coastal storms. Some builders and homeowners are concerned that the new codes will lead to higher home construction costs and higher insurance rates. From the Sun-Sentinel: [...]

Debra Ballen of the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety discusses a recent IBHS study of building codes in 18 coastal states.

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley is endorsing an annual one-week sales tax holiday for disaster preparedness items like first aid supplies and electric generators.

Mitigation discounts have continued to be a mixed bag for insurers in Florida. While most insurance companies and regulators agree that providing discount for mitigation improvements to hurricane susceptible homes is a good idea, in some instances homeowners are able receive discounts for repairs that are unnecessary. In a letter to the editor originally published on June [...]

Letter From Washington: The Best Way To Promote Mitigation

by Eli Lehrer on April 26, 2011 · View Comments

Auto insurance reform continues to move forward in North Carolina and two major bills will have hearings this week. I’ve previously offered my advice to North Carolina’s insurers and have a paper coming out from the John Locke Foundation that outlines a more complete reform agenda. That said, all of my conversations with legislators indicate [...]

The Heartland Institute will be holding an event in Austin, Texas on January 27, in cooperation with its partners, will present a half-day program to clarify the nature of the state’s insurance environment and offer solutions from similarly situated states. Julie Drenner, the Texas Director of Heartland’s Center on Finance, Insurance and Real Estate recently [...]

New ALEC model legislation: The Hurricane Mitigation Promotion Act

by Matthew Glans on January 12, 2011 · View Comments

The American Legislative Exchange Council recently approved a new piece of model legislation written and proposed by The Heartland Institute that creates a Hurricane Mitigation Week, an event designed to encourage individuals, business owners, and commercial property owners to prepare their properties for windstorm damages. The model legislation urges county and municipal government to encourage mitigation [...]

Letter from Washington: Extreme Weather Raises Extremely Important Questions

by Eli Lehrer on December 21, 2010 · View Comments

I spent most of last week—my vacation–at Walt Disney World in Orlando. As Christian Camara notes here, Florida had a rare cold snap. And I do mean cold: I saw Belle from Beauty and the Beast shivering. One day while I was there, Orlando Schools even closed on account of cold. (Some didn’t have central [...]

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