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Florida’s insurance system will be in better shape than it was last year, but the legislation passed during the just-completed 2012 session won’t fix deep underlying problems.

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley is endorsing an annual one-week sales tax holiday for disaster preparedness items like first aid supplies and electric generators.

With few tweaks from earlier version, the president is once again proposing billions in protectionist reinsurance taxes on transactions that spread risks throughout the globe.

Alas, with the NFIP set to expire Dec. 16, the measure still faces significant obstacles, including a veto threat from the White House and a -$25.3 billion budget score.

Mandating benefits for dubious procedures like orgone therapy might seem stupid, but the truly expensive benefits mandates tend to be those for things people really want or need.

Collateral reform and taxation of offshore cessions are legislative and regulatory trains that have been moving for years. They could be headed for a collision.

Risking the ire of his base, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg told a D.C. audience that deficit reduction plans should include treating hedge fund partners’ carried interest as ordinary income.

Letter from Washington: Simplifying tax code is important, too

by Eli Lehrer on November 8, 2011 · View Comments

The debate over higher or lower tax rates is important. But what you tax and how you tax it is just as important.

Fraternal societies have been around since the days of Alexis de Tocqueville. In the FIRE Podcast, American Fraternal Alliance CEO Joseph Annotti discusses their role in the insurance marketplace.

Letter from Washington: A flood floor vote, corporate taxation and Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan

by Eli Lehrer on October 18, 2011 · View Comments

Heartland Institute Vice President Eli Lehrer discusses the upside of 9-9-9, the downside of taxing corporations and the murky side of the flood insurance reform debate.

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