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In this week’s FIRE Podcast, we introduce the new editor of Out of the Storm News: RJ Lehmann, a financial journalist with almost a decade of experience covering the insurance industry.

In his Letter from Washington, Eli Lehrer discusses the flood insurance reform bill, the Green Scissors report, and zero based budgeting.

Institute for Justice staff attorney Robert Frommer is on this week’s FIRE podcast to talk with host Arin Greenwood about IJ’s first amendment case, Wag More Dogs LLC v. Artman, involving murals and dog parks.

Maya Robinson, founder of the DC Grey Market, is the guest on this week’s podcast, talking with host Arin Greenwood about her unlicensed, delicious, food business incubator.

Ying Ma, a visiting fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution and author of the memoir Chinese Girl In The Ghetto, is the guest on this week’s FIRE podcast, talking with host Arin Greenwood about why Americans should feel less anxious about China’s growing economy.

Spite Homeless Encampment, Meet Spite Sex Shop

by Arin Greenwood on August 25, 2010 · View Comments

Seacoast Online brings us news of a landowner in central Maine who – being told that he could not build on a quarter-acre lot he owns – turned his property into a homeless encampment (his sign reads “Nature Park, Nature Trails for the Homeless People of Somerset County”). The neighbors hate it – they told [...]

How Small Businesses Get The Money They Need: Red Rocks Brings Great Pizza To Old Town, Banks Help

by Arin Greenwood on August 24, 2010 · View Comments

How are small businesses financing themselves in this tight credit market? OOTS News is asking business owners, bankers, angel investors, and others, to talk about their experiences. D.C.’s notoriously wanting pizza scene got a lot more robust when Red Rocks opened in 2007, bringing wood-fired pizza, and an impressive beer list, to a brick townhouse [...]

Sam Yagan, founder of the wildly popular online dating site OkCupid, is on the FIRE podcast this week to talk with host Arin Greenwood about online dating fraud and what math can teach about matchmaking. Listen to the podcast here, or download it on iTunes.

Renters Not Pulling Weight In Restoring Housing Bubble

by Arin Greenwood on August 18, 2010 · View Comments

Reuters reports that Trulia – the real estate search engine – did a survey about how many renters are planning ever to buy houses, and found that a disappointingly large percentage plan never, ever, really not any time, to buy: “The survey, by real estate search site, found 27 percent of renters do not [...]

$15,000 Fine Might Be A Bargain

by Arin Greenwood on August 18, 2010 · View Comments

As Matt Glans reported in today’s update on Louisiana’s key insurance issues, last month Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal signed a law that prohibits insurers from dropping home insurance policies solely because the insured homes have Chinese drywall in them. The law carries a maximum fine of $15,000 for insurers who violate the law. Fixing Chinese [...]

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